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The traditional port world is changing. Demographical, technological and sustainability drivers are forcing port companies all around the world to look for solutions to help them deal with the daily complexity and uncertainty of the maritime supply chain. New supply chains emerge as a result of the energy transition, and existing ones change or may even disappear. Society demands a transition into a more efficient, safer & sustainable industry. Together we can create a more efficient world. Our solutions guide you in your journey to a more profitable future by maximizing the return on your investments, minimizing unnecessary delays combined with lower emissions.

Challenges for ports, terminals & maritime authorities

Port & maritime authorities, terminal operators and shipping companies all share the same interests when it comes to the following 5 challenges:

1. Energy transition icon.png
2. Increase safety icon.png
3. Improve service icon.png
4. Reduce cost icon.png
5. Reduce emissions icon.png

As ports are in global competition with each other for new and existing cargo volumes, the design and operation of your maritime infrastructure can make the difference in winning new customers and keeping your existing ones happy while improving your business. Systems Navigator has four solutions based on our vast experience in maritime projects in combination with our in-house developed proven technology.

Our solutions are as easy as ABCD

Our solutions are built around years of experience, doing more than 100+ projects worldwide, and include:

1. Analysis, design and planning of supply chains icon.png
Analysis, design & planning

Analysis, design & planning of supply chains

Our supply chain modeling framework is the core component of our solution for maritime supply chains. It is fully customizable and can be used to analyze new and existing supply chains, supporting both supply chain design as well as operational planning. Each implementation is different as no two supply chains are the same. Existing clients range from Carbon Capture Storage projects to Capital Projects Logistics as well as commercial maritime supply chains.

Curious about the future performance of your supply chain? Contact us today!

Bottleneck analysis & optimization

Bottleneck analysis & logistics optimization for (new) ports & terminals results in minimizing waiting times, optimizing resource usage, resolving bottlenecks while also reducing emissions. With the help of our simulation models, you can analyze your current and future operations. By experimenting with different scenarios you can determine the right direction for your organization. Whether your initiative is a long-term investment or intended to optimize your existing operation; simulation modeling is the right tool that can assist you to make the right decision. Our expertise includes terminal operations such as oil, chemical, LNG, dry bulk, petrochemical refineries as well as rail, truck & pipeline operations for clients all over the world.

Want to eliminate your bottlenecks & reduce unnecessary costs? Let's talk!

Bottleneck analysis & optimization
2. Bottleneck analysis and optimization icon.png
3. Capacity analysis and optimization icon.png

Capacity analysis of maritime waterway infrastructure

Together with Rijkswaterstaat (The Dutch body responsible for managing all maritime infrastructure), Systems Navigator has developed the SIVAK library for capacity analysis of maritime waterways & related infrastructure such as locks & bridges. SIVAK is used to support future investment decisions, bottleneck analysis and developing new infrastructure on rivers, canals & port areas. Users of SIVAK can analyze the performance of different lock and waterway logistics, extensions to lock infrastructures, future changes in vessel traffic and/or navigation conditions. SIVAK models can be implemented worldwide, customized to local requirements.

Discover how you can optimize maritime infrastructure design here.

Dropboard planning & scheduling software

Dropboard is specifically designed for planning and scheduling ports and terminals. Dropboard enables you to minimize waiting times & demurrage costs while improving customer satisfaction. Dropboard’s interactive planboard gives direct feedback to planners on changes made to the plan. This empowers planners to deal with real-time changes, evaluate alternative plans and select the best way forward. Leading companies have embraced Dropboard to successfully plan & schedule vessels & resources in ports & terminals all over the world.

Discover Dropboard's impact on customer service & satisfaction, contact us to schedule a demonstration.

Dropboard planning & scheduling
4. Dropboard planning and scheduling software icon.png

Curious about our services?

Many clients already benefitted from our services resulting in reduced costs while improving service. If you are curious about what we can do for you, please get in contact with us for a free consultation!

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"We have been working with Systems Navigator since 2014. Very recently, Systems Navigator developed a jetty simulation solution for BASF Antwerp. With the simulation solution, we could test & compare different design and throughput alternatives. This model gave us a deeper understanding of the expected performance in different scenarios and helped to optimize several setups. We are very happy with the results as this allows us to maximize throughput and minimize waiting time and demurrage. We will use the simulation solution to test drive future strategic decisions and find the best outcome for BASF Antwerp and our customers."


Frederic Viaene

ESA/VP Antwerpen 4.0 Verbund Digitalisation Project Lead

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