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Capital project logistics

Capital upstream projects in the oil & gas industry are driven by cost and schedule. Capital efficiency determines a projects' success or failure. Being able to mitigate risk requires scenario planning and analysis throughout the life-cycle of the project. Our modelling & planning solutions help both owners and EPC's design and execute the complex logistics of capital projects.

Simulation, planning & scheduling

Logistics are a key factor in the successful delivery of capital upstream projects. We believe that we can set you apart from the competition. Whether to support investment decisions or improving your execution plan: simulation technology is the right tool.​ Our technology helps you to analyze causes for First Oil delays as well as identifying opportunities. Finding the best module delivery plan or resource allocation will increase the profitability of your project.

It is our goal to minimize delays caused by logistics. Our simulation technology is used to quickly generate and analyze new plans, e.g. for shipping modules over the globe. Since things can change on a daily basis, it is important to understand the risk of such changes on the delay of the delivery date.

Systems Navigator’s unique technology advises on resource allocation and (module) shipping timelines.  This empowers the planner to select a logistics plan having the lowest risk on delay. Understanding and mitigating risks will increase the profitability of your project.

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