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Through our in-house developed Dropboard technology we deliver Planning & Scheduling systems in a variety of industries. Our solutions range from annual delivery plan generation to the operational scheduling of processes. Please select your industry to find out more.

Dropboard is specifically designed for the maritime industry and is deployed at ports and liquid bulk terminals. We understand that ports and terminals each have its unique planning & scheduling challenges, which is why we've created three pre-configured versions of Dropboard. Each version focuses on a different scheduling challenge, but because of its modular design a bespoke version can be configured to fit the unique scope of every port or terminal. In 2021, one of our customers awarded Dropboard the "Best Innovation Award".


Challenges in port scheduling focus on how to best allocate resources to port visits.


Dropboard's scheduling algorithms can take all necessary resources and constraints into account, such as access channels, pilots, tugs, berths, tides etc. and will find a solution for this complex mix of rules.


Reducing berth occupancy and waiting times can be challenging.


Systems Navigator’s unique Smart Scheduling technology advises on berthing, turn-around times and process times, empowering the planner to select optimal arrival slots.


Multiple contracts and a diverse fleet are a challenge when optimizing terminal utilization.


Our algorithms quickly generate ADPs and show the impact of arrival window shifts and vessel cancellations in real-time.


Systems Navigator has been implementing planning & scheduling solutions since 2003. In 2010 we started the development of our own (web-based) planning & scheduling platform, which was replaced in 2017 by its successor Dropboard.

Leading companies have embraced Dropboard technology to successfully deploy advanced planning & scheduling technology throughout their enterprise.


“Dropboard allows us to see what is currently going on, what’s coming - we have live data that shows what is happening during our shift. Dropboard turned our planning easier, more dynamic and with less margin for errors."

Ship Scheduler

Petrochemical Terminal


Why work with us?

Because we do what we say and get the job done, every single day. This is our promise, no cutting corners.

The Key Benefits & Features of Dropboard

Advanced algorithms

> Harness the power of machine learning

> Never miss a red flag or planning constraint

> Real-time feedback to changes to plan

> Focus on what's really important

> Quickly find the best solution in a complex puzzle

Improve customer satisfaction

> Reduce waiting times and berth occupancy

> Improve predictability of future operations

> Find the best berth

> Clear communication within your team

> Possibility to share real-time information

Best user experience

> Fast and interactive user interface

> Improve your schedule in real-time

> Analyze relevant information in a single view

> Understand the impact of changes to plan

> View the right information at the right time

Easy data integration

> No exhausting IT project required

> Easy data sharing through our integration service

> Use Dropboard's API to share data with 3rd party tools

> Enable the digitalization of your operations

> No need for double data entry


> Dynamic constraints support planners in reducing scheduling errors

> KPI metrics shows the impact of changes to plan

Planboard planning & scheduling

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