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Dropboard planning and scheduling platform is designed to assist planners in the Port industry with daily and future planning. Systems Navigator’s unique Smart Scheduling technology advises on how to best allocate resources to a visit, empowering the planner to select optimal arrival slots. Dropboard's machine-learning algorithms support planners in providing up-to-date information to stakeholders within the supply chain, creating opportunities for ship speed optimizations (Just In Time)

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Browse through our series of movies and discover what Dropboard can do for you.

Improve customer satisfaction

Waiting time and predictability are key drivers of customer satisfaction. Dropboard uses Smart Scheduling technology, which helps planners in reducing waiting times and berth occupancy. The technology is able to suggest the best berth and it predicts when the next ship can moor, reducing unnecessary waiting times.

Discover Dropboard's impact on customer satisfaction here.

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Fast & intuitive design

Dropboard is designed together with a pilot user group to be fast & easy to use. It provides the right information at the right time to the user to facilitate quick decision making, without having to search for data.

Discover direct feedback functionality here.

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Smart Scheduling

Smart Scheduling technology is the intelligent core of Dropboard. Our technology has been tested in multiple "human vs. machine" case studies and supports users in quickly finding the best solution in a complex puzzle. Smart Scheduling takes all restrictions into account, such as vessel type, products, berth details, LOA, pilot, tugs, access channels, mooring boats, mooring crews etc.

Contact us if you want to find out how Dropboard can support your port planning department.

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Dynamic rules

Never miss a restriction or a rule. The intelligent planboard reminds users when a resource allocation might be restricted. Rules are dynamic and are shown in real-time when dragging arrival windows to alternative berths.

Dropboard helps planners and schedulers to focus on what's really important.

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Direct feedback

In the complex environment of a port, it can be difficult to understand the full impact of a change to plan. Dropboard provides direct and real-time feedback to changes to plan, even when dragging a nomination over the planboard. In case constraints are violated direct feedback is presented to the user for quick problem solving.

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Real multi-user environment

Users are able to work on the same plan at the same time. Changes to the operational plan made by other users are shown in real-time to all users. Version management and errors caused by working in different files are a thing of the past.


Quickly deploy

Dropboard does not require a long and exhausting IT project. The platform can be accessed from our secure servers (or even your own) and our API enables easy connectivity to other systems, such as PMIS, TMS or ERP.

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Stakeholder communication

Stakeholders demand transparency and real-time access to their operations. Dropboard includes a stakeholder portal where (selected) information is shown to stakeholders. Depending on user rights, stakeholders can even create nominations that are automatically sent to the planner.

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