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Dropboard is a web based, multi-user planning and scheduling platform that empowers the planner in making better informed decisions. Dropboard supports terminals in gaining a better market position by increasing customer satisfaction.


Ports & Terminals

Dropboard shows impressive Quick Scan results

Turnaround time

Ship turnaround times are minimized using Smart Scheduling technology. Dropboard suggests the preferred berth for every arrival to empower the planner.

Waiting time

Waiting time due to short planning is unnecessary and is reduced to a minimum by Dropboard's technology.

Berth occupancy

Dropboard's Smart Scheduling technology reduces the berth occupancy resulting in a higher terminal throughput.

*These Quick Scan results are based on actual case studies.

What is a Quick Scan?

A rapid investigation of historical operations, requiring little data. The goal of the quick scan is to find the potential improvements in terminal performance in terms of waiting time, turnaround time and berth occupancy.

Our team is happy to evaluate if you qualify for a Quick Scan.

Planning & scheduling for liqud bulk terminals

Advantages of Dropboard

Intuitive Planboard

Smart Scheduling

Easy Data Logging

Connecting stakeholders

Multi User

Multi Location

Comparative Planning

Scheduling KPIs and Insights


Mobile workforce

"Dropboard has an intuitive and user friendly planboard for daily and future planning and scheduling of ships. Its design enables quick assessment of plan feasibility."


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DropboardIncrease customer satisfaction and trust

Reduce ship waiting times

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