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 Systems Navigator is always looking for talented employees and is encouraging open job applications. If you want to be part of our team, please send your open job application to us! 


Systems Navigator

Systems Navigator cooperates with the largest multinational companies and that takes us around the world. Besides our headquarters in The Netherlands, we have a subsidiary in the UK and in the US. Depending on the function, traveling is part of our employees' life. We believe in the professional development of our employees, therefore, we give them a lot of responsibility and when possible, we take them to the next level by regularly taking them out of their comfort zone and providing new challenges!

Despite our growth over the last few years, Systems Navigator has an informal and flat organizational structure. We have a no-nonsense mentality and expect a hands-on approach from our employees and for them to take responsibility over their work. In return, we provide a stable environment with good employment conditions and many young colleagues. As our employee retention is very high, our team proves the success of our approach!

Available jobs

Please find below the job description and the main requirements for our simulation engineer and software developer positions:

Please note: open vacancies are no invitation for employment agencies to contact us.

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