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Systems Navigator develops an algorithm for 'Smart order picking' with Snijtechniek Brabant

Author: Vincent de Gast in collaboration with the TechnoHub team

DELFT; Feb. 1, 2023 – Snijtechniek Brabant and Systems Navigator develop a "Smart order picking" algorithm that supports Snijtechniek Brabant in making their processes more efficient and testing its impact on operations with a simulation model.

The collaboration between TechnoHub partner Systems Navigator and Snijtechniek Brabant happened more or less by chance. The two companies met on a tour of the ”Duurzaamheidsfabriek”, during which Vincent de Gast, director of Systems Navigator, talked about the possibilities of simulation and digital twins. The innovative company, Snijtechniek Brabant immediately saw opportunities to further optimize their processes with the help of these technologies. Accordingly to Vincent: “The TechnoHub grant provided exactly the support needed to really turn it into a project.”

Snijtechniek Brabant specializes in manufacturing high-quality aluminum construction kits for, among others, yacht, shipbuilding, and other industries. The company produces in a smart and flexible way and sorts its kits according to the customer's specifications. Vincent states that: “The company has an impressive machine park that is highly automated. In time, they want to expand this further and use simulation to optimize the design and make the right investments. But even now, Snijtechniek Brabant saw a concrete application, namely in smarter picking of the plates before cutting. This "order picking" involves large, heavy aluminum plates on different stacks, spread over a large warehouse. As a first step, we developed an algorithm to optimize the picking sequence in order to make that process more efficient.”

"Testing a new process, a new layout, or a new algorithm in a simulation environment is much more efficient in terms of time and costs".

Accessible R&D

Another eye-opener for Systems Navigator was that a project like the TechnoHub can open doors within SMEs that would otherwise often remain closed. “Developing such an algorithm and a simulation model takes a relatively long time. It is not a ready-made solution. We notice that for many SMEs, investing in R&D, even before you have a solution, is a barrier. The fact that we were able to start the project with Snijtechniek Brabant with co-financing from the TechnoHub largely removed that barrier.”


About Systems Navigator

Systems Navigator is a global leader in advanced and predictive decision support technology. Since 2003, our employees are working around the globe for a wide range of customers on the most challenging projects. We assist our customers in making better decisions on where to spend their capital by demonstrating the impact of change through simulation modelling. Our Dropboard platform for planning & scheduling helps companies optimize their operations, improve customer service and maximize the use of their assets.

Curious to know more?

If you would like to know more about this showcase or about simulation and digital twins, please contact our office at +31 (0) 15 750 1030, email us or visit the website at


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