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Systems Navigator supports ports with professional services, simulation, digital twin, planning and scheduling solutions. The scope of our work ranges from analyzing the performance of different port layouts, extensions to port infrastructure, changes in vessel traffic or navigation conditions to planning & scheduling system deployment.

Top tracks

Planning & scheduling

Our Dropboard planning & scheduling platform is specifically developed for the port and terminal industry. It is an 

integrated, real-time, web based, multi-user planning & scheduling platform that empowers the planner by:

  • Sharing information with all required stakeholders;

  • Providing the right information at the right time;

  • Action-oriented user feedback;

  • State-of-the-art user experience and software architecture;

  • Including sophisticated machine learning algorithms to predict the future; and

  • Using constraints-based scheduling logic and intelligent free slot finding to find the best jetty allocation.


Dropboard is continuously being developed based on user feedback. Dropboard supports ports and terminals in gaining a better market position by increasing customer satisfaction. Learn more on Dropboard.

Why simulate your port?


It is key for ports to set themselves apart in this competitive market. We believe that customer satisfaction is the most important factor to differentiate yourself from the competition. Whether to support investment decisions or medium term operations: simulation technology is the right tool.

Our technology helps you to analyze causes for waiting times as well as identifying opportunities. Finding and eliminating causes for waiting times or longer turnaround times will increase port profitability as well as customer satisfaction.

“Systems Navigator’s solid experience in this field, combined with Witteveen+Bos’ expertise and Rijkswaterstaat’s knowledge about the usage and challenges of the “older SIVAK”, perfectly positioned this consortium to re-design and renew SIVAK. To ensure the quality of the model, Marin Research Institute is included as an external advisor to Rijkswaterstaat.”


Tom van der Schelde

Advisor on shipping models Rijkswaterstaat

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