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Systems Navigator is the global leader in developing simulation, planning & scheduling solutions for the port and terminal industry. Our team of consultants combines a vast experience in terminal improvement projects with the development of web-based systems using the latest technology. By continuously improving our simulation, planning & scheduling technology we stay at the forefront of innovative technology.

Top tracks

Planning & scheduling

Our Dropboard planning & scheduling platform is uniquely developed for the port and terminal industry. It is an 

integrated, real-time, web based, multi-user planning & scheduling platform that empowers the planner by:

  • Sharing information with all required stakeholders;

  • Providing the right information at the right time;

  • Action-oriented user feedback;

  • State-of-the-art user experience and software architecture;

  • Including sophisticated machine learning algorithms to predict the future; and

  • Using constraints-based scheduling logic and intelligent free slot finding to find the best jetty allocation.


Dropboard is continuously being developed based on user feedback. Dropboard supports ports and terminals in gaining a better market position by increasing customer satisfaction. Learn more on Dropboard.

Why simulate your terminal?


The design and development of a tank terminal, an extension to an existing tank terminal or optimizing a tank terminal is a big undertaking. Simulation allows for significant cost reduction by avoiding unnecessary expenditures and by increasing operation efficiency.

Simulation is the only way to understand how various resources (berths, storage areas, tanks, handling equipment, quays etc) interact with each other and how they are affected by not manageable factors (weather, breakdowns). This makes simulation modeling an essential tool for the optimization of liquid bulk terminals.

"We have been working with Systems Navigator since 2018. Systems Navigator developed an ADP generation solution for us. By using this solution, we can now test & compare different throughput alternatives. This solution provides us with a deeper understanding of the impact of combining all customer proposed Annual Nomination Schedules. We are happy with the results as this allows us to optimize throughput, whilst taking into account the terminal constraints."


Guus Vogels

Business Development Manager German LNG

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