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Walney 2 Offshore Windfarm Logistics, Irish Sea

Ballast Nedam is responsible for the construction of offshore wind turbine foundations that need to be installed about 15 km from Walney Island in the Irish Sea. Client is Dong Energy. The Walney 2 Offshore Wind Farm is directly adjacent of the Walney 1 Offshore Wind Farm. The wind farm consists of 51 Siemens 3.6 MW turbines. Ballast Nedam uses the Heavy Lift Vessel Svanen to install the monopiles in the seabed. Hiring this vessel is expensive so time-efficiency is crucial. Challenges in the project involve the limited number of resources like personell, plugs, and towage beams; and environmental challenges like tide, weather, and wave conditions that limit the time frames in which monopiles can be installed. The simulation model could be used in the planning process to model and animate potential situations at all stages throughout the construction operation. Having this technology also allowed Ballast Nedam to model the impact of decisions made through the process, before actually implementing those decisions in reality. This maximized the efficiency and safety of the construction process.

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