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Systems Navigator presenting at the Simio Sync Practical applications virtual Conference!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Get ready for the first of two Simio Syncs in 2022! This first Simio Sync conference is centered around the technical application of Simio and Systems Navigator will give a presentation on "Cost-effective design of carbon capture & storage supply chains".

The virtual conference will take place from February 28 - March 2, 2022. Curious to know more? Register for free here:

Rienk Bijlsma, Systems Navigator Founder and CEO, will give a presentation on "Cost-effective design of carbon capture & storage supply chains". This presentation will be on March 1 at 17:30 (CEST time). Join us!


Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is the process of capturing waste carbon dioxide (CO2) usually from large point sources, transporting it to a storage site, and depositing it where it will not enter the atmosphere, normally an underground geological formation. Due to the high investment and operating costs for CCS supply chains, this technology has not been widely adopted, but this is bound to change as emission rights become more expensive. Pipelines in combination with marine transport of liquified CO2 are seen as an effective solution for CCS that is both flexible, as well as capable to economically move large volumes to a storage site. Accurately predicting the networks costs is crucial in making the best design decisions for the supply chain. Given the network interaction, variability, storage requirements and operating policies, simulation is a great technology to accurately predict the supply chain cost range for various design choices.

Why Attend?

- Engaging speakers: experience on how people are using Simio

- Increase your Knowledge: Learn new ways to use Simio

- E-Networking: Networking with other professionals that share your interest with an E-Networking event.

Event Overview

The Digital Transformation Conference introduced the transformative capabilities of digitalization technologies within the industrial sector. These insightful questions are the inspiration for the next Simio Sync Conference titled – Practical Applications.

The new Simio Sync conference is centered around the technical application of Simio.

Commercial and academic users will present enlightening information concerning the design and building of intelligent models. Attendees will learn diverse tips and tricks that they can integrate into simulation.

About Systems Navigator

Systems Navigator is a global leader in advanced and predictive decision support technology. Since 2003, our employees are working around the globe for a wide range of customers on the most challenging projects. We assist our customers in making better decisions on where to spend their capital by demonstrating the impact of change through simulation modelling. Our Dropboard platform for planning & scheduling helps companies optimize their operations, improve customer service and maximize the use of their assets.

Note: 2022 will have 2 Simio Syncs. This one is the first and one in the fall similar to fall 2021!

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