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Systems Navigator 17th Anniversary!

The start

In the summer of 2003 Systems Navigator was founded by Rienk Bijlsma & Vincent de Gast. Having worked in the software industry since 1995 at various positions, they believed that customers could benefit from a company that was truly dedicated to the implementation of simulation & scheduling solutions. Starting from a home office, owning nothing more than a dog and a mortgage, Rienk & Vincent started this journey, brave and unafraid!

Clients & partners

Within weeks of the company’s start, new clients welcomed the concept and found their way to simulation and scheduling software solutions offered by Systems Navigator. This was powered by the specialist knowledge of both market & technology in combination with partnerships made with software providers of Arena, Preactor, Scheduler & Simio software. Almost all customers and partners from early on are still with us today; proof of the fact that we always strive for long-lasting mutually beneficial relations.

Simulation modelling

The unique concept of Systems Navigator came to market with the launch of our Scenario Navigator software platform in 2006. This allowed clients to use simulation technology for decision support & scenario analysis on their own. Through smart & intuitive user interfaces on top of complex simulation & planning models, users are empowered to support their decisions using the outcome of models. Scenario Navigator has enabled customers to make better decisions on capital investment & planning ever since. At first only on the desktop, but since 2009 also in the cloud making Systems Navigator the 1st company to deploy simulation models on the World Wide Web.

Scheduling solutions

With the knowledge & experience gained from implementing traditional scheduling software packages, Systems Navigator shaped a unique approach for scheduling that empowers the planners by giving them feedback on their decisions & choices, instead of automatically giving them the “optimal” plan. With the launch of our Dropboard scheduling technology in 2015, the 4th generation of scheduling software was created, enabling multiple planners to freely interact and experiment with schedules in a graphical way.

The future

We are dedicated to deliver and improve the best decision support technology to our customers. Together with a growing team of highly motivated colleagues, we believe we can make an impact by making the world more efficient. We’re very proud that our employees are working around the globe for a wide range of customers on the most challenging projects. We want to thank everyone that throughout these past years, contributed to make Systems Navigator the Global Leader in Advanced Decision Support Technology.

And do you know what the best part is? This is just the beginning! Let’s continue to write Systems Navigator history TOGETHER. Here's to many more exciting years to come!

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