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Advanced planning and scheduling for Panama Canal, Panama

The Panama Canal Authority has been an extensive user of simulation technology since 2002. With the ongoing expansion project that incorporates two new sets of locks and a new channel in 2014; the capacity of the canal will be doubled, allowing more and larger ships to pass, and reduce poverty in Panama by 30%!

A solution has been build using Scenario Navigator software in combination with two simulation models and 1 optimization model that allows the canal operators to do demand planning, locks scheduling & capacity planning. The models all work from the same database, and results from one model are used as input into the other models. Operators control and operate all the models from Scenario Navigator dashboards, without the need to actually touch or interfere with the underlying simulation and optimization technology.

Systems Navigator has worked extensively with our Latin American partner Paragon Tecnologica in delivering this solution to the Panama Canal Authority.

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