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Food & beverage logistics

Design your plant smarter, leaner, and faster. Are you struggling to make robust planning strategies for your logistics? Do you keep running behind on schedule or are capital expenditures increasing to ensure timely delivery? Systems Navigator has the experience to support you.

Why use simulation?

Producers in the food and beverage industry today are faced with the need to constantly improve customer satisfaction and to keep up with the continued diversification of products. With increased competition and narrow margins, the producers are placed under greater pressure to do more with less.


Every small piece of efficiency that can be gained on the production line is worth pursuing. Is throughput maximized by the high availability of assets? Can your assets work harder for you in order to improve your batch cycle time and get more products to market? And if your waste levels could be reduced just how much would operating performance improve?

“In 2018 we started working with Systems Navigator to develop a simulation tool that supports our tactical and strategic decisions. Through systematic experimentation with this tool, we gained quantitative insight. We could not have reached these successful results for our most complex manufacturing locations just using conventional technologies. Working with Systems Navigator team is a true privilege. Their passion, commitment and desire to forge honest interpersonal relationships were key elements in the success of our project.


Esteban Freydell

Project Manager Manufacturing-Bioprocessing DSM Food Specialties B.V.

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