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Vopak Terminals, The Netherlands

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Systems Navigator recommends operational improvements and infrastructure optimizations to several Vopak terminals in the Netherlands to increase terminal throughput without reducing service levels.

In order to prepare its terminals for the future Vopak selected Systems Navigator to advise on terminal optimization and process improvements. The expected performance of three terminals is investigated by means of multiple scenarios. The scenarios focus on expected future throughput and the expected waiting times per customer. A sensitivity analysis is used to find bottlenecks and to analyze the potential growth in throughput before investments in infrastructure are required to keep customer satisfaction high.

Multiple Vopak terminals are optimizing its infrastructure. Systems Navigator advised on the berth design taking into account future demand for all customers. Additionally, a recommendation on how to incorporate future maintenance on new jetties is provided to Vopak.

Another study was performed at one of the terminals in order to verify whether the current infrastructure provides enough capacity to process a larger number of throughput, and to devise measures to resolve potential issues, Systems Navigator used a dynamic simulation model of the Vopak Terminal.

The projects resulted in a deep insight in the current and future capacity of the terminals, debottlenecking of the terminals and recommendations for achieving better performance. Recommendations focused on changes in infrastructure and operations.

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