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Updated: Jan 30, 2019

WinterSim 2018 took place in Gothenburg, Sweden from 9-12 December. It was a great Conference!

Systems Navigator proudly presented two compelling case studies, where with the help of our advanced discrete event simulation technology, our clients have been able to save money, increase customer satisfaction and reduce risk.

Case study 1: New coil warehouse in the steel industry

Systems Navigator created a simulation model to analyze and optimize the logistics of a new coil warehouse for a large steel manufacturer. After steel coils are produced and cooled, they are transported to a warehouse to await transport to the end customer. In the warehouse, they are usually placed on cradles by automatic cranes, but can alternatively also be stored on top of one another (stacking). As coils come in many different sizes, cradle positioning determines where which coils can be placed. An optimal layout for a coil warehouse means that each coil can be placed at a correct cradle. Finding the best layout can increase the warehouse capacity by almost 10%, hence the importance of simulating different cradle setups in a large number of scenario’s. Using both our modelling & scenario management software, we were able to optimize the design of the new warehouse, resulting in a capacity increase of around 300 coils!

Case study 2: Live supply chain model for marine module shipments

Systems Navigator has deployed an operational supply chain model for a major international oil company (IOC). The supply chain consists of the marine transport of heavy modules towards an oil field in Kazakhstan. The model contains all the marine assets (ship, tug & barge), as well as the storage facilities and port resources. Live data (a.o. module location, resource status & location) is fed daily into the model, after which the marine schedule can be checked for any inconsistencies. The model is used to create and test alternative shipment schedules, as well potential future scenario’s in terms of bad weather, resource unavailability etc. The live model is a direct “cousin” of the supply chain model that was initially used to design the supply chain. Combining the model, both during design as well as in operation, has resulted in maximized benefits for the client in terms of capital saved, risk management, contractor evaluations, as well as scenario planning.

About Winter Simulation Conference

The Winter Simulation Conference (WSC) is the premier international forum for disseminating recent advances in the field of system simulation. In addition to a technical program of unsurpassed scope and quality, WSC provides the central meeting place for simulation practitioners, researchers, and vendors working in all disciplines in industry, service, government, military and academic sectors.

About Systems Navigator

Systems Navigator is an independent software consultancy company. Since 2003, our employees are working around the globe for a wide range of customers on the most challenging projects. ​ We assist our customers in making better decisions on where to spend their capital by demonstrating the impact of change through simulation modelling that can calculate a wide range of future scenarios. Our Dropboard platform for planning & scheduling helps companies optimize their operations, improve customer service and maximize the use of their assets. Systems Navigator is a distributor of Arena and Simio simulation software and is the creator of Scenario Navigator and Dropboard.

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