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Systems Navigator expands its Services to Scandinavia

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

DELFT; May 2, 2019 - Systems Navigator is expanding its software & consultancy services into the Scandinavian market place in order to better reach and serve (potential) customers.

As a global leader in advanced decision support technology, we are delighted to announce the expansion of our services into Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Since 2003, our team is working around the globe for a wide range of customers on the most challenging projects. This move reinforces our business strategy and helps to better serve customers all over the world.

Systems Navigator offers a wide variety of services to our clients from (customized) software delivery to complete project solutions. Our solutions are designed for strategic, tactical and operational decision making and are developed using optimization, scheduling and simulation technology delivered in the cloud.

Rienk Bijlsma, Systems Navigator CEO stated: “Culturally we are well aligned with Scandinavia. We feel that our way of doing business & interacting with customers is a good match with Nordic customers. As we also focus on (Renewable) Energy, Healthcare, Recycling & Logistics it is well aligned with the cultural trends in society. With the Scandinavian region leading the way in clean energy, recycling, and sustainable growth, it is essential for Systems Navigator to reinforce its presence in this market place.”

About Systems Navigator

Systems Navigator is an independent consultancy company based in Delft, The Netherlands. Systems Navigator specializes in the design, development, and implementation of planning and decision support solutions based on operations research technology. Our expertise relies on the use of both discrete event simulation, as well as optimization for decision support models that can predict future system performance. Additionally, digital twin systems can be used for operational decision making and/or planning and scheduling.

To learn more about Systems Navigator contact our office at +31 15 750 1030 or email us.

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