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Singapore LNG (SLNG), Singapore

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Image courtesy from Singapore LNG Corporation

Singapore LNG Corporation Pte Ltd (SLNG) owns and operates Singapore’s first LNG Terminal which facilitates the import of LNG to meet Singapore's demand for energy. The terminal is located on Jurong Island and is currently operating with three LNG storage tanks and a throughput capacity of about 6 million tonnes per annum. The terminal is a key infrastructure that supports Singapore’s energy diversification strategy.

SLNG is exploring new operating strategies to facilitate multiple user type contracts at its terminal, which offers a variety of services such as Throughput, Vessel Cool-down and Storage & Reload. In order to make best use of terminal logistics while keeping contract rules in mind a planning & scheduling system capable of dealing with multiple contract types and users is required.

Systems Navigator is proud to announce it has been selected as the supplier of the Annual Delivery Plan (ADP) scheduling system and related consultancy services. Having delivered various multi-user scheduling systems to the LNG industry Systems Navigator is well acquainted with the complexities of SLNG’s requirements. SLNG’s scheduling system generates an Annual Delivery Plan (ADP) based on flexible input parameters, allowing SLNG to test various Terminal Use Agreement (TUA) rules and analyze the results on terminal operations. The related consultancy services focus on identifying gaps in the scheduling rules and necessary changes for overcoming scheduling bottlenecks.

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