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Simulating new terminal concepts at Terminal Europoort West

Shtandart TT is building and developing a completely new tank terminal concept at Europoort West in the Port of Rotterdam, at a location known as 'Kop van de Beer'. This project is known as Terminal Europoort West and is envisioned as an approximately 3.5 million cubic meters storage terminal, for crude oil and oil products.

One of the main sources of crude will be the Russian sea port Primorsk (near St. Petersburg) supplying crude to the new terminal in Rotterdam with dedicated oil tankers. Shuttle vessels arriving from Primorsk have high priority when berthing. These vessels will act as a floating pipeline and use dedicated berthing slots at the new terminal.

Due to the complex nature of this new terminal concept, Shtandart TT selected Systems Navigator to support the engineering team in various design phases. Systems Navigator consultants used simulation modeling in combination with Scenario Navigator decision support software to analyze various terminal layout alternatives.

Both waterside as well as landside operations have been simulated.

Using Systems Navigator’s simulation experience in the field of maritime terminals, the project team was able to come up with the best possible waterside and landside design for the terminal, based on the envisioned throughput and vessel mix. Systems Navigator consultants evaluated over 100 scenarios including various terminal layouts and sensitivity analyses, allowing Shtandart TT to take important design decisions.

About Systems Navigator

Systems Navigator is an independent consultancy company based in Delft, The Netherlands. Systems Navigator specializes in the design and creation of decision support solutions based on Operations Research technology. Our specific expertise is in using a combination of discrete event simulation and optimization for decision support models that can predict system performance, as well as can be used for operational decision making by means of planning and/or scheduling. Systems Navigator successfully delivered over 80 projects for many storage terminal companies over the world.

For more information, please contact Joost Smits by mail or phone: +31157501032

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