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Port of Duqm drafts new port rules

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Systems Navigator supports defining new port rules that maximize the port’s potential now and into the future

DELFT; Mar. 22, 2018 – The Port of Duqm in Oman is drafting port rules for its liquid jetties. Systems Navigator is selected as the consultant to analyze the impact of port rules on the foreseen port performance and to advise on the rules that maximize the potential port capacity. In order to do this, multiple port scenarios are analyzed and compared. By quantifying the impact of different port rules the project team was able to develop a thorough understanding of important performance indicators, such as berth occupancy and waiting times.

The project team identified risks for waiting times in the port rules and recommended preferred port rules having the lowest chance on waiting time, whilst having the highest port throughput potential. Additionally, the team drafted berthing procedures and queuing priority rules. This extensive study is an important element in the development of the Port of Duqm, ensuring it is ready for the future.

About Port of Duqm

Situated on the southeastern seaboard of the Sultanate of Oman, overlooking the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean beyond, Port of Duqm is fast becoming an important reality of the Middle East region’s rapidly transforming maritime landscape. With its deep draft, lengthy quay walls, and expansive basin, Port of Duqm has the trappings of a world-class, multipurpose commercial gateway. And as the principal anchor of a huge Special Economic Zone envisioned at Duqm, it also has the potential to develop into one of the Middle East’s largest ports over the long term.

About Systems Navigator

Systems Navigator is a global leader in advanced and predictive decision support technology. Since 2003, our employees are working around the globe for a wide range of customers on the most challenging projects. We assist our customers in making better decisions on where to spend their capital by demonstrating the impact of change through simulation modelling. Our DROPBOARD platform for planning & scheduling helps companies optimize their operations, improve customer service and maximize the use of their assets.

To learn more about our services, DROPBOARD, or Systems Navigator, contact our office at +31 (0) 15 750 1030 or email.

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