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PepsiAmericas saves USD 150,000 with system analysis technology from Rockwell Automation

PepsiAmericas Inc. is the second largest canning and bottling group within the Pepsi organization. With operations in nine countries worldwide, the company manufactures and distributes Pepsi-Cola products to more than 122 million people. Its facilities produce more than 100 different beverage flavors, including national and regional beverage brands.

The PepsiAmericas facility in Austin, Ind., is one of the company’s 19 U.S. beverage production and bottling plants. It produces a variety of Pepsi-Cola products and packages them for distribution throughout the Midwest.

Like all beverage manufacturers, the Austin PepsiAmericas plant strives for the consistent quality, freshness and taste that customers expect from all Pepsi-Cola products. At the same time, retailers, government regulators and changing consumer preferences place increased demands on the plant’s ability to remain flexible,responsive and cost-efficient.

Download the paper here.

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