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Offshore Wind Tenders … How to get it right the first time!

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

The offshore wind industry in the Netherlands is like an anthill right now. When you look at it from a distance it looks like a complete chaos, but when you focus on the individual activities all movements start to make sense. Every player in the industry is busy preparing bids for the outstanding tenders or working on the ultimate criteria to select the best contractor or consortium for the project. The scene looks like old times at high school, everyone is flirting with everyone and companies are not afraid to commit themselves to multiple partners participating in multiple bids within one project. The big question that each player has to answer during this period is how to deliver the work package(s) and what budget and time will be required to deliver the work taking into account all safety requirements and project constraints while leaving a decent margin to grow with the company.

This question requires a profound understanding of the risks in the project including their expected impact on the project planning and cost. Today most players lack the capability to quickly identify the impact of common risks, such as weather, tides, locks, changes in planning and supply delays, on their individual project timing and budget as well as the integrated project planning. Determining this impact, both during the tender phase as well as during the planning phase, should be as simple as changing the parameter of your project and recalculating the outcomes in minutes. Only such systems truly enable developers and EPCI contractors to design a robust and integrated project planning and a sound logistical strategy.

Are you struggling to quickly identify the required budget and time for your work package(s) or integrated project planning? Do you keep spending days when changes in project planning occur to update your time and budget calculations? Do you want to integrate risks such as weather, tides, locks, resources, sub contracts etc. in your planning, but are you facing technical challenges and time constraints to achieve that?

Systems Navigator owns powerful solutions and can support your business to become more profitable and proactive in mitigating risks. Call us today to schedule a meeting or for more information about our solutions and services.

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