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Multi-Phase Terminal Design - case study oil terminal

oil & gasSystems Navigator has published a white paper describing how simulation modeling can support multi-phase terminal design by optimizing terminal performance per construction phase. The abstract is shown below. For a full copy, please visit the dataroom.


This white paper describes a multi-phase terminal design project from a simulation perspective. The case study focuses only on the waterside operations of the terminal. The terminal analyzed in the case study is a fictive crude terminal in the design phase of the project. One of the main goals of the design team is to minimize construction costs, while ensuring a high level of service to the terminal customers. Major cost savings can be achieved by minimizing the number of berths per construction phase and by minimizing the dredging requirements.

A combination of simulation modeling and Scenario Navigator interface software is used to analyze the business case by evaluating over 30 scenarios. The result of this research is an advice to the terminal management on the minimum investment needed to operate the terminal within the defined waterside limitations.

If you would like to receive a copy, please visit the dataroom.

Author: Joost Smits

Contact the author: mail or +31 15 750 1032

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