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Kashagan Full Field Development Program, Kazakhstan

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

The Kashagan field located in the north of the Caspian Sea near the Kazakhstan city of Atyrau is the biggest hydrocarbon discovery since the late 1960’s and the first large –scale offshore petroleum development in Kazakhstan. Kashagan is expected to reach up to 1.5 million barrels of oil per day over a 40 year period.

The project requires the movement of more than 10 millions freight tones and involves a unique combination of technical complexity and environmental challenges making it one of the greatest challenges of the petroleum industry worldwide. In particular, the combination of being a landlocked area and closed sea with ice, shallow waters (water depth 4-6m) and sea level fluctuations with being frozen five months in the year, present a significant logistic operation in delivering infrastructure to the site. The simulation model helped logistics engineers with the definition of the preferred mode of transport to move the required quantities into the Caspian region. The model also played an important role in assessing the infrastructure investment required by evaluating different logistic strategies and the related the logistic risks. It also helped with the determination of the feasibility of project deadlines.

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