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H-Energy East Coast, India

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Image courtesy from H-Energy

After the successful delivery of a simulation and Annual Delivery Plan system for H-Energy's West Coast project Systems Navigator is selected to deliver a similar system for the East Coast project.

To answer questions from the project team a simulation model was created to analyze (future) terminal performance based on various parameter settings. The parameters used in the simulation study included different inventory management policies (such as lending and borrowing), annual delivery plan’s, arrival windows, customer profiles, fleet mixes, spot cargos, weather influences, safety stock levels and terminal infrastructure layouts.

As a result of the project H-Energy was able to analyze the impact of commercial agreements on performance indicators as tank sizing, realized gas send out, waiting times and berth occupancy. By doing so the project team was able to choose the right commercial agreement for the terminal in combination with the selected terminal layout, improving terminal performance and profitability.

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