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Fujairah Oil Tanker Terminals, UAE

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Image courtesy of Port of Fujairah

The Oil and Chemical Department of the Port of Fujairah, Fujairah Oil Tanker Terminals (FOTT), selected Systems Navigator as an independent consultant to support the development of a roadmap for the future of the Port. The main objective of this study is to be recognized as a World Class Port, known for efficient and safe operations and vessel handling.

Independent (inter)national tank terminal operators with a combined storage capacity approx. 8 mln cbm in 2015 are sharing the same berth infrastructure, owned and operated by the Port/FOTT. This capacity is expected to further grow up to 14 mln M3 by 2018 out of which 12 mln M3 connected with FOTTs' waterfront infrastructure. To accommodate this growth, the Port is gradually expanding the waterfront infrastructure that includes 2 large scale matrix manifolds and related pipeline infrastructure connecting the tank terminals with the 9 deep-sea berths (up to Suezmax) or 17 berths for smaller vessels (up to Handymax) or any combination of the two. At least one deep-sea berth for VLCC's up to 350,000 DWT will be operational by Q1 2016. In 2014, FOTT alone handled more than 3,000 tankers.

Over the past months Systems Navigator has analyzed numerous infrastructure scenarios under different operational conditions using its advanced simulation technology in combination with vast experience in port logistics. This has resulted into a good understanding of the impact of necessary enhancements on the overall Ports' performance. Furthermore, it has given the Port of Fujairah and the terminal owners operating in the port a clear view how to improve the turn-around time of vessels and what additional infrastructure is required over time.

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