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Euro Tank Terminal, The Netherlands

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Systems Navigator has been selected by Euro Tank Terminal (ETT) to strengthen its business through the firm’s DROPBOARD planning and scheduling software system.

The DROPBOARD platform will enhance the terminal’s stakeholder relationships and support growth by providing a smooth digital experience to customers and users of the terminal, enabling the terminal to markedly decrease vessel and barge turnaround times, waiting times and berth occupancy hence optimizing the terminal’s capacity.

Systems Navigator was selected by ETT for its extensive industry knowledge and leading software development. The functionalities will deliver more capabilities and flexibility to ETT’s business users. The system uses smart scheduling technology to assist the planners in optimizing schedules and provide reliable and real-time feedback to users.

“We’re delighted that we will be working in collaboration with this world leader in tank terminal storage. Systems Navigator is proud to know ETT has selected DROPBOARD to support its ever-improving business operations,” stated Rienk Bijlsma, the CEO of Systems Navigator. “As the tank storage sector becomes increasingly competitive, we’re seeing just how important it is to maximize infrastructure capacity, reduce waiting and turnaround times and ensure customer satisfaction. DROPBOARD has been designed to address these issues and provide transparency and hence trust”.

“Asset optimization is key in our industry, company service levels are measured by our ability to create value for our customers”, says Juriaan Steenland, General Manager of ETT. “It is a never-ending quest for efficiency, and the DROPBOARD scheduling system fits perfectly in this strategy and is unique in the market. After two years of joint research and development, we are pleased to implement and use this cutting-edge software, which allows for a significant better jetty occupancy rate and a better service for our customers without investing in more pipelines and loading arms”.

About ETT

A state-of-the-art facility, ETT is strategically located in Europe’s busiest port of Rotterdam and is capable of receiving VLCCs. Specializing in fuel oil and middle distillates, ETT offers more than 1,118,000 m³ capacity. Across its 28 tanks the terminal handles K1, K2 and K3 products including methanol, naphtha and jet fuel. ETT also means high performance, with its deep draft complemented by direct connections to truck, rail and the NATO pipeline system.

About Systems Navigator

Systems Navigator is an independent consultancy company based in Delft, The Netherlands. Systems Navigator specializes in the design, development and implementation of planning and decision support solutions based on operations research technology. Our specific expertise is in using both discrete event simulation as well as optimization for decision support models that can predict system performance, as well as can be used for operational decision making by means of planning and/or scheduling. Systems Navigator successfully delivered over 80 projects for storage terminal companies worldwide.

To learn more about DROPBOARD or Systems Navigator contact our office at +31 15 750 1030 or email.

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