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DSM Food Specialties B.V. partners with Systems Navigator to develop a simulation tool

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

DELFT; May. 21, 2019 - DSM Food Specialties B.V. and Systems Navigator partner to develop a simulation tool that supports tactical and strategic decisions. Through systematic experimentation with this tool, DSM gains valuable quantitative insight. “We could not have reached these successful results for our most complex manufacturing locations just using conventional technologies. Working with Systems Navigator’s team is a true privilege. Their passion, commitment and desire to forge honest interpersonal relationships were key elements in the success of our project.”, stated Esteban Freydell, Project Manager Manufacturing-Bioprocessing DSM Food Specialties B.V.

About DSM Food Specialties B.V.

DSM Food Specialties is a leading global supplier of specialty food enzymes, cultures, bio-preservation solutions, hydrocolloids, savory ingredients and solutions for sugar reduction. We work with many of the world’s leading global and local dairy, baking, beverage and savory food brands to enable better food for everyone.

About Systems Navigator

Systems Navigator is an independent consultancy company based in Delft, The Netherlands. Systems Navigator specializes in the design, development and implementation of planning, decision support and digital twin solutions based on operations research technology. Our expertise relies on the use of both discrete event simulation, as well as optimization for decision support models that can predict future system performance. Additionally, digital twin systems can be used for operational decision making, planning and/or scheduling.

To learn more about Systems Navigator contact our office at +31 15 750 1030 or email.

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