Dropboard is a web based, multi-user planning and scheduling platform that empowers the planner in making better informed decisions. Dropboard supports terminals in gaining a better market position by increasing customer satisfaction.


Oil & (Petro)Chemical


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Simulation, Planning and Scheduling
Simulation, Planning and Scheduling
Simulation, Planning and Scheduling
Simulation, Planning and Scheduling
Simulation, Planning and Scheduling

Dropboard planning and scheduling platform is designed to assist planners in the Oil & (Petro)Chemical industry with daily and future planning. Systems Navigator’s unique Smart Scheduling technology advises on berthing, turn-around times and process times, empowering the planner to select optimal arrival slots. The Smart Scheduling technology is constantly evolving; it learns, develops and improves over time. Dropboard provides expert knowledge at your fingertips and provides opportunities to decrease waiting times and berth occupancy, while increasing throughput and revenue.

Dropboard's features are designed to solve common issues in the Oil & (Petro)Chemical industry. The user friendly planboard with drag and drop, panning and zooming features allows the planner and other users to easily view the schedule in real-time. Dropboard tracks and logs active events per vessel and barge such as berthing, pumping and departure. The one click logging is designed for ease of the user. This allows for a detailed overview of activities and alerts if operations are running behind schedule.

One of Dropboard's functionalities provides a platform for terminal customers, surveyors and ships to log into Dropboard and view real-time information. This leads to reduced errors in communications and provides transparency, developing trust and confidence in the terminal.

To experience Dropboard, please sign up for an account for the dataroom. It contains an interactive demonstration, detailed feature descriptions, videos, white papers and testimonials of Dropboard users.

Intuitive planboard


Dropboard solves many issues experienced when using spreadsheets as a planning tool, such as static information,

single editor usage, inconsistent data and high maintenance.


Benefit & Effect

  • The planboard shows the actual status of terminal operations, including the effect of delayed operations

  • Dropboard supports the planner in making less errors by taking into account operational restrictions and rules

  • Share the current and scheduled operations with your stakeholders. Advanced user management allows you to restrict information access per individual user

  • Limited training is required to view and use Dropboard's basic functionalities

  • Real-time information and terminal status

  • Data validation

  • Multi-user environment

  • Intuitive and user-friendly

Manage nominations


Create your own nominations in Dropboard, have your customers create nominations using their dedicated portal or import nomination information from your ERP system; Dropboard is the flexible platform that supports it all.


  • Real-time updates

  • Overview of unscheduled nominations

Benefit & Effect

  • The planner receives a warning when a new nomination is saved

  • Never forget a nomination: unscheduled nominations are clearly shown on the planner's dashboard

Log your operations


Correct logging of your operations is the foundation of performance management and serves as input to potential disputes. Dropboard allows users to easily log operations. The user interface reduces the chance on incorrect entering

of time stamps by supporting workflow validation and one-click logging. The Dropboard platform can be accessed

using smart phones and tablet for easy access.


  • Multi-stakeholder logging

  • Workflow validation

  • Direct feedback to planboard

  • One page overview of current operations

  • Track and store events

  • Shift change overview

  • Accessible on smart phones and tablets

Benefit & Effect

  • Possibility to involve your stakeholders, such as ship captains, in the logging of events

  • Data entry and workflow validation helps user to reduce data errors.

  • The operations log provides direct feedback to the planboard, allowing the planner to handle scheduling issues caused by delays as soon as possible

  • Sharing a one-page overview of all current and future operations with your stakeholders improves transparancy and trust

  • Accurate audit trail for conflict resolution, data interpretation and process management

  • Less information loss and reduced handover time between shifts

  • Use Dropboard on ATEX/CSA/IECEx certified smart phones or tablets for communications, to log events and to share notes.

Manage KPIs


Key Performance Indicators or KPIs are the cornerstone to performance improvement. Understanding your current operations and the analysis of anomalies is vital to find ways to improve your customer satisfaction.


  • Dynamic KPI filtering

  • Automated reports

  • Target and performance management

  • Manage idle times at berth

Benefit & Effect

  • Easily identify and address issues by the click of a button

  • Have your own customized reports, e.g. to share the monthly terminal performance

  • Set and manage targets to improve terminal performance

  • Get insight in idle time causes and find ways to reduce vessel idle time

Stakeholder platform


Sharing non-sensitive information is crucial in a profitable supply chain. Dropboard's stakeholder platform is an easy means to share information within your network. The stakeholder portals and the automated email updates help save

the planner's valuable time and reduce distraction, while sharing stakeholder specific information builds trust and improves the customers satisfaction. Dropboard includes advanced user management technology to make sure your stakeholders only have access to their own data.


  • Customized portal for stakeholders

  • Stakeholders can view, create and update nominations

  • Stakeholders can view tasks and log activities

  • Automated email updates

Benefit & Effect

  • Stakeholder portal access creates transparency in your operations

  • Reduction in communication errors and planner distractions. Stakeholders trust and understand activities at the terminal

  • Speeds up stakeholder, e.g. a surveyor, activities and provides valuable data to review and improve contractor performance. Reduces planner distractions

  • Reduces the planner's workload

Find out how your stakeholders benefit from using Dropboard by hovering over a stakeholder.

AIS integration


Dropboard is able to connect to 3rd party information servers, such as tidal constraints, weather restrictions or AIS data. Showing the right information at the right time to the planner reduces workload and allows the planner to improve

the arrival plan based on expected ship arrival times.


  • Tidal constraints

  • AIS data

  • Weather restrictions

Benefit & Effect

  • The planboard takes tidal constraints per ship into account, providing insight in berthing restrictions

  • See the actual position of a ship and analyze the expected arrival time of the ship

  • Taking into account potential weather events improves the feasibility of your plan

Smart Scheduling


Systems Navigator’s unique Smart Scheduling technology advises on berthing, turn-around times and process times. This supports the planner in minimizing unnecessary ship waiting times, minimizing ship turnaround times and in improving asset utilization. See how Smart Scheduling can decrease your berth occupancy and turnaround times in our

Members' Section.


  • Predictive modeling

  • Berth allocation support

  • Expert knowledge at your fingertips

Benefit & Effect

  • Our unique technology is able to predict future processes, such as pump time. Having this technology at hand the planner is able to minimize ship waiting times and to reduce "short" or "long" planning

  • Understanding which is the preferred berth for every arrival is not as easy as it sounds. Dropboard supports the planner in analyzing expected turnaround times per ship arrival, which results in a minimum time at berth for every ship and a reduced berth occupancy

  • The Smart Scheduling technology uses all available data at every moment in time, creating an experienced planner out of every user


Find spot opportunities

Dropboard improves transparency between stakeholders by having the option to share information between users. The advanced plan comparison technology helps stakeholders such as sales, operations or your customers to find spot arrival windows in the operational plan.


  • Create experimental plans

  • Compare various plans

  • Customer creation of spot nominations

Benefit & Effect

  • Duplicates of the current plan helps the planner to analyze various arrival options, resulting in a better planning decisions

  • Comparing plans allows for "planned vs. actual" analysis, which leads to a better insight in terminal operations and performance

  • Optionally customers can create their own nomination for (spot) arrivals. The nominations need to be accepted by the planner in order to appear on the operational planboard. This improves transparency between terminal and customer and allows for quick analysis of spot requests


Experience Dropboard

The Members' Section allows registered users to experience Dropboard. It contains a forecast of the impact of Smart Scheduling Technology on your terminal performance, detailed feature descriptions, white papers and testimonials

of Dropboard users.

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