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Arena is the World’s Leading Discrete Event Simulation Software for 30 Years. Arena is used by the majority of Fortune 100 companies and taught in more global universities than any other discrete event simulation engine. More than 52,000 students graduate each year with Arena training.

Arena software is a general purpose simulation tool effectively used to assess the full implications of business decisions before the implementation process.

Use Arena to...

…improve visibility into the effect of a system or process change

…visualize results beyond numbers through realistic animation capabilities

…explore opportunities for new procedures or methods without disrupting the current system

...generate statistical analysis and reports to understand bottlenecks in detail

…manage inventory levels, personnel, systems and equipment

...accurately model process variability using a complete range of statistical distribution options


Systems Navigator is an official partner of Rockwell Automation since 2003, responsible for distributing and assisting Arena software in the Benelux, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. With a vast experience gained through delivering hundreds of successful Arena projects and support to a wide variety of companies, we can empower you to benefit from Arena's full capabilities.


Why work with us?

Because we do what we say and get the job done, every single day. This is our promise, no cutting corners.


> Flowchart modeling methodology allows for quick and easy model building

> Arena includes a large library of pre-defined building blocks to model your process without the need for custom programming

Arena simulation

Explore Arena

Systems Navigator, as a certified provider of Arena training, offers a variety of courses to use Arena software in different application areas. By following the training services our experts are offering you can fully benefit on a long term basis from your investment in Arena simulation software. Explore the overview of our courses and scrutinize which training suits your specific needs.

Follow an Arena training course

During our training courses, you will understand the software in detail and understand how it serves your requirements.

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Sign up for a free Webinar

This webinar offers you a 45-minute overview of discrete-event simulation and a demonstration of Arena software, including:

  • product versions/licenses

  • introduction to simulation/model building

  • all the possibilities of using Arena


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