Arena Training

Introduction to Arena


- We offer a three-day introductory course to the Arena software.



- The three-day Arena training is taught by experienced simulation consultants and it consists of an even balance of lectures and hands-on workshops.

- We will provide you with useful knowledge about the commonly used elements of Arena and we will work together on your first project.


Target group:

- We strongly recommend this course for new users of the software who want to get a quick start in using the full package.

Arena Advanced Training


- Become proficient in Arena simulation software by following this two-day advanced course for experienced users.



- During the advanced training, the learning goals are tailored to your requirements, but as a general purpose we invite you to find out more about:

     > the application of debugging tools

     > the advanced use of pointers and sets

     > useful blocks and elements

     > searching and queue manipulation

     > advanced resource behavior

     > input data

     > advanced statistics and analysis, as well as other topics that will lead to the achievement of your 

     > simulation goals


Target group:

- Recommended for Arena users who have completed the introduction training and accomplished at least one successful project.


Arena Dedicated Training


- Discover how Arena drivers long-term growth by following the dedicated training which will take as long as it is relevant for your project.



- We customize a training class that fits your needs and train you to deliver top class solutions. Topics may include:

     > successful deployment and experimentation with Arena

     > continuous process modeling

     > using VBA and Arena

     > packaging systems

     > agent based modeling approaches, and much more

Target group:

- Anybody who wants to examine solutions on how to implement new projects that will empower their business operations.


Training classes are delivered both on-site and at Systems Navigator's headquarters in Delft, The Netherlands. If you have any questions regarding Arena training, available training materials, training contents, programs or conditions and costs for custom training or any other subject, please contact us.


Delftechpark 38, 2628XH Delft, The Netherlands


Tel (NL): +31 (0)15 7501030

Tel (UK): +44 (0)203 608 4020

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