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Steel plant logistics

Danieli Corus and Systems Navigator have created a unique approach to the design and improvement of steel plants using advanced simulation technology. Our Steel Plant Model (SPM) captures all essential operations & procedures within a steel plant, and allows a user to test drive his facility under any condition. With SPM, steel manufacturers have a strong tool in their hands, that help them optimize their steel plants.

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SPM explained

Systems Navigator has developed a Steel Plant Model (SPM) to solve logistical problems and optimize logistics in both existing and new steel plants. The SPM is based on a three dimensional layout, within which all movements, actions and interactions of all units, including cranes and ladles, are simulated.

The SPM consists of the actual model and a human machine interface. The SPM is object oriented and based on actual distances, speeds and processing times. The model includes deviations (e.g. standard or exponential deviations) of processing times as well as downtime for maintenance and unexpected breakdowns into the simulations, making the results very accurate and realistic.

“It is great to work together. Thanks to the collaboration with the knowledgeable project team, we could prepare for the most exciting part of the project: making a Digital Twin of the warehouse. This tool will be used for operational and strategical optimization on a daily basis.


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