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Westfield Insurance Improves Claims Process with Arena Simulation Software

Updated: Jan 20, 2020


Effectively managing insurance claims is a complex business, especially for a major carrier like Westfield Insurance. From the company’s rural roots in Ohio – formed in 1848 by a small group of farmers to protect their property – Westfield has grown into one of the nation’s 50 largest property and casualty insurance groups. Today, about 2,500 people work for Westfield throughout the country. For nearly all of those employees, satisfying the customer is job one. That’s because the claims experience is a primary driver of policyholder satisfaction and loyalty. Policy owners expect a prompt and accurate resolution to their claims. With so many steps and variations in the claims process, insurers often need to re-evaluate how they manage staffing, technology and systems integration. The ultimate goal: provide an easy and efficient claims service experience for policy owners in the most cost-effective manner.

Download the full paper here.

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