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LNG bunkering business case

Updated: Dec 8, 2021


SN LNG is considering investing in bunkering equipment to allow bunkering operations, but is not sure what the impact is of bunkering operations on current terminal processes. The commercial department of SN LNG needs input from the project team regarding the maximum contracted send out they can promise to terminal clients, while the port where SN LNG is located is interested in learning how many vessels SN LNG can accommodate for bunkering operations without disrupting unloading operations.

To study the feasibility of changing the regasification terminal in a regas-bunkering terminal, port and terminal management are building a business case based on the following question:

“What is the average number of bunkering vessels SN LNG can accommodate versus the terminal send out, while the number of waiting unloading vessels is not exceeding 10 and the bunkering service level is at least 70%?”

Based on market research performed by port management 170 vessels interested in bunkering can be expected in the port. Therefore, port management is also interested in an additional case answering the following research question:

“Is SN LNG able to accommodate this amount of vessels within the limits set by port and terminal management? If not, what would be the implications if 170 vessels would bunker at SN LNG?”

A combination of simulation modeling and Scenario Navigator interface software is used to analyze the business case by evaluating many scenarios. The result of this research is an advice to both SN LNG and port management on the feasibility of LNG bunkering operations at SN LNG.

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