Liquefaction or regasification: our technology is able to support terminals in achieving operational excellence. Since 2003, we have been developing advanced algorithms for Annual Delivery Plan generation, simulating future business scenarios and deploying operational planning & scheduling solutions. By continuously improving our technology we stay at the forefront of innovation.

Planning & scheduling

Our Dropboard planning & scheduling platform is specifically developed for the port and terminal industry. It is an 

integrated, real-time, web based, multi-user planning and scheduling platform that empowers the planner. 


Dropboard planning and scheduling platform is designed to assist LNG terminal planners with daily and future planning. Systems Navigator’s technology combines Annual Delivery Plan generation and operational scheduling into a single platform. This empowers the planner to manage arrival windows and to find spot cargo opportunities. Systems Navigator's proven algorithms provide opportunities to increase throughput, terminal utilization and revenue.

Dropboard is continuously being developed based on user feedback. Dropboard supports ports and terminals in gaining a better market position by increasing customer satisfaction. Learn more on Dropboard.

Why planning & scheduling?


Terminal profitability is increased by finding potential new arrival slots and by preventing tank top or tank depletion events from happening.

Having an optimized Annual Delivery Plan (ADP) is fundamental for running a successful LNG terminal. It includes operating and commercial rules, making it an important cornerstone of any terminal.

By using our ADP generation system planners are able to quickly take into account different types of contracts, different fleet mixes, total annual contracted quantities, maintenance on equipment and loading obligations.


“I have been one of the pioneer users of the simulation tools, for designing and operationalising LNG regas terminals. Have been a witness of the development of technology till the Dropboard technology. Innovations and problem-solving approach by the teams have helped us to achieve in inventory optimization."

Alpen Gandhi

General Manager H-Energy Pvt. Ltd.

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