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VTTI selects Systems Navigator for the creation of a virtual terminal safety game

VTTI, a major player in the storage and terminal business, operates 11 terminals worldwide. VTTI plays a vital and increasingly important role within the global energy market. VTTI’s mission is to serve the world’s energy markets by connecting oil and gas flows safely, efficiently and profitably. To support this mission VTTI turned to Systems Navigator.

Online serious game based on operations research technology

Systems Navigator, an independent software consultancy firm based in Delft, The Netherlands, is an expert in the field of decision support solutions. Together with VTTI, Systems Navigator created a virtual terminal model, which makes it possible to experience how multidimensional interdependent management decisions impact the safety performance of the terminal. The virtual terminal safety game is created using a simulation model in combination with Scenario Navigator decision support software. Together they form a powerful combination that is accessible over the internet, ensuring maximal flexibility for game participants all over the world.

Safety game supports & enhances world class safety culture at VTTI

The terminal safety game can facilitate a simulation exercise for single actors or groups. In the game, safety improvement is the key to success. Players must make balanced decisions to invest in “hardware – safety systems, software – better procedures/training and mindware –safety leadership & safety culture”. Like in real life there is no single solution for success while the odds can be against the participant.

According to VTTI the Risk Control Strategy Game will support the organization to operate in respect of word class safety standards.

For more information, please contact Joost Smits by mail or phone: +31157501032.

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