Dropboard is a web based, multi-user planning and scheduling platform that empowers the planner in making better informed decisions. Dropboard supports terminals in gaining a better market position by increasing customer satisfaction and terminal utilization.



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Dropboard planning and scheduling platform is designed to assist LNG terminal planners with daily and future planning. Systems Navigator’s technology combines Annual Delivery Plan generation and operational scheduling into a single platform. This empowers the planner to manage arrival windows and to find spot cargo opportunities. Systems Navigator's proven algorithms provide opportunities to increase throughput, terminal utilization and revenue.


One Page Planning

Dropboard's One Page Planning concept delivers the right information in the right format to the planner. The main dashboard can be used for all important planning and scheduling activities, giving the planner a constant overview

on total terminal performance.


Benefit & Effect

  • The planboard shows the actual status of terminal operations, including the effect of delayed operations

  • Dropboard supports the planner in making less errors by taking into account operational restrictions and rules

  • Share the current and scheduled operations with your stakeholders or colleagues . Advanced user management allows you to restrict information access per individual user

  • Limited training is required to view and use Dropboard's basic functionalities

  • Find spot opportunities without switching to another screen

  • Today's operations can impact future terminal performance. DROPBOARD shows the direct impact on terminal restrictions, such as tanktops, of actual operations

  • Overview of current and future tank inventory

  • Plan validation

  • Multi-user environment

  • Intuitive and user-friendly

  • Access to Free Slot Finder technology

  • See effect of actual operations


Find spot opportunities

Dropboard includes Free Slot Finder technology developed to find all available arrival slots for user defined contract settings, without changing existing contracts. The advanced plan comparison technology helps planners to select the

best window for the customer.


  • Free Slot Finder technology

  • Create experimental plans

  • Compare various plans

  • Customer creation of spot nominations

Benefit & Effect

  • Define the (spot) contract details and push "Find"; Dropboard makes it that easy to find all available arrival slots.

  • Duplicates of the current plan helps the planner to analyze various arrival options, resulting in a better planning decisions

  • Comparing plans allows for "planned vs. actual" analysis, which leads to a better insight in terminal operations and performance

  • Optionally customers can create their own nomination for (spot) arrivals. The nominations need to be accepted by the planner in order to appear on the operational planboard. This improves transparency between terminal and customer and allows for quick analysis of spot requests


Direct feedback

Dropboard's charts are dynamic and real-time. Drag a vessel arrival to a different time and see the effect of the change while moving the arrival.


  • Real-time updates

Benefit & Effect

  • The planner receives direct information on the effects of changes to plan


Quick ADP generation

Creating an Annual Delivery Plan can be complex without using Dropboard. Our technology makes life easy: configure every contract per customer, set the applicable inventory management rules per customer and press "Run". Dropboard facilitates making easy changes to the generated ADP, e.g. to add a contract, change selected arrival windows or adjust send-out for a specific duration.


  • Multi customer

  • Scheduling rules

  • Different vessel types

  • Inventory management

  • Contract types

  • Test Terminal Use Agreement

Benefit & Effect

  • Having more than one customer storing product in your tanks increases the complexity of the ADP. Our technology helps planners in creating a plan taking into account the wishes of all customers

  • Test out various scheduling rules, such as contract or jetty spacing and find the best settings for your terminal

  • All vessel types are included in the ADP generation technology. Furthermore, Dropboard allows the planner to create own vessel types

  • Having an inventory management policy helps to increase terminal utilization. Dropboard supports a different policy per customer, such as Lending & Borrowing or Inventory Allocation. The inventory management policy is automatically included when generating the ADP to increase terminal utilization without increasing complexities for the planner

  • Dropboard's ADP technology support various types of contracts, such as liquefaction, regasification, storage and backloading. Arrival windows for these contract can be included in the ADP

  • The expected terminal performance of a (changed) Terminal Use Agreement can be analyzed. By doing so you are able to find the best rules for your terminal


Manage KPIs

Key Performance Indicators or KPIs are the cornerstone to performance improvement. Understanding your current operations and the analysis of anomalies is vital to find ways to improve your customer satisfaction.


  • Dynamic KPI filtering

  • Automated reports

  • Target and performance management

  • Manage idle times at berth

Benefit & Effect

  • Easily identify and address issues by the click of a button

  • Have your own customized reports, e.g. to share the monthly terminal performance

  • Set and manage targets to improve terminal performance

  • Get insight in idle time causes and find ways to reduce vessel idle time


Inventory management

Dropboard includes inventory management policies, such as the lending & borrowing of LNG or storage capacity. Inventory management policies help LNG terminals to increase terminal utilization and performance.


  • Product sharing

  • Storage sharing

Benefit & Effect

  • Lending & Borrowing of LNG is an effective method to increase terminal utilization. The planner can select which customers are allowed to lend and borrow

  • The sharing of storage capacity ("Inventory Allocation") between terminal customers is supported by Dropboard


Multiple contract types

Before offering new services to your customers it is important to know the effect on terminal performance and your existing customers. Dropboard allows users to include various contact types in the ADP or as an add-on to the existing ADP, such as back-loading of LNG, storage (only), regasification or liquefaction. All contract type features are user defined per contract to allow for maximum flexibility.


  • Flexible contract settings

Benefit & Effect

  • The user is able to include all existing contract in Dropboard, but can also analyze the effect of changing contracts, new customers or new services to maximize terminal utilization


LNG density effects

The quality (and therefore the density) of LNG has an impact on terminal operations and the Annual Delivery Plan (ADP). The quality determines the volume in the tank, the required send-out rate, tank/quality segregation requirements and whether nitrogen mixing is necessary. Dropboard supports analysts in finding ways to increase terminal utilization and planners

in deciding if a cargo of a certain quality can be accepted.


  • Send out settings

  • Quality of LNG in tank management

  • Nitrogen usage settings

Benefit & Effect

  • The send out is taken into account based on the actual energy level of the product in the tank

  • Dropboard support tank management strategies, e.g. to keep quality segregated in tanks or to schedule cargo in such a way that the quality of LNG in the tank is as close to the required specifications as possible

  • Dropboard can suggest or take into account the use of nitrogen

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