Arena version 16.1

Arena's newest features were inspired by expert customers around the globe and designed to make customer experience better and model execution even faster than before. Discover how Arena v16.1 enables you to solve the complex challenges you are facing.

Why Arena v16

> New user interface

> Template updates

New math functions for numeric variable arrays

New queue functions

New flow process tank functions


Multi-processing support

New user interface

Arena's toolbar interface has been updated to a ribbon style.

Template updates

Arena modules have been reorganized into new functional based templates. The template modules have new module shapes and updated panel icons.  All modules now include a comment field. The ability to draw straight line connections between modules has been improved.

> Discrete processing

> Data definition


Input & output


Material handling

The Flow process template has been renamed to Tank Flow for clarity.  

The Sequence data module and Sequences Element now support direct read.

New math functions for numeric variable arrays

> VSUMCOL: returns the sum of all the values in the specified column for the requested arrayed numeric value

> VSUMROW: returns the sum of all the values in the specified row for the requested arrayed numeric variable

VSUMAVAR: returns the sum of all the values for the requested arrayed numeric variable

New queue functions

> NQSET: returns the number of entities in all the queues of the specified queue set.


All the smarts have been updated and use the new template panels.

Multi processing support

Arena now supports the use of multi-processing.  The Run Replications in Parallel option can be used to spread replication runs for a model across logical processors, and collect/combine the output data into a single database for reporting.  This feature is designed to expedite the generation of output data for models running multiple replications.

Retired items

As Arena evolves and as technology dictates, obsolete or little-used features will be removed from Arena. This involves thorough evaluation of how the proposed changes may affect our customers and whether alternatives within Arena are available. This will provide us greater flexibility in the development process and allows us to develop necessary enhancements. The following items will be retired from Arena in current and future releases:

> For the Arena 16.1, the following items have been retired:

Adjust Variable module - This module will still exist in the Advanced Process template; however it will not be supported in the new templates.

Advanced Set module - This module will still exist in the Advanced Process template.  The Set module in the new Data Definition template is a combination of the old Basic Process Set module and Advanced Process Advanced Set module.


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> Flowchart modeling methodology allows for quick and easy model building

> Arena includes a large library of pre-defined building blocks to model your process without the need for custom programming

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