Arena version 16

Arena's newest features were inspired by expert customers around the globe and designed to make customer experience better and model execution even faster than before. Discover how Arena v16 enables you to solve the complex challenges you are facing.

Why Arena v16

> NEW: Arena Multi-Computing Utility

> No more USB Dongle! The CodeMeter Dongle is no longer required

New System Variables (Conveyor & Flow)

New SMARTs Files

Module Updates (Access, Exit & Adjustable Batch)

Export Tool Support

Windows 10 Compatible

Arena Multi-Computing Utility

Get results faster! The Arena Multi-Computing Utility has been added to the collection of Arena support tools.  This utility can be used to run multiple replications of a given model across several different computers.  The report databases are then merged into one report.

Factory Talk Activation Manager

No more dongles! Arena was modified to take advantage of the CodeMeter Universal licensing. CodeMeter Universal licensing allows both 64 and 32 bit Arena licenses to be tied to a computer.


The latest version of the FactoryTalk Activation Manager no longer requires a dongle for 64 bit Arena.  You will need to update to the latest version of the Factory Talk Activation Manager, included with Arena, to get this enhancement.


Why work with us?

Because we do what we say and get the job done, every single day. This is our promise, no cutting corners.


> Flowchart modeling methodology allows for quick and easy model building

> Arena includes a large library of pre-defined building blocks to model your process without the need for custom programming

Explore Arena

Systems Navigator, as a certified provider of Arena training, offers a variety of courses to use Arena software in different applications areas. By following the training services our experts are offering you can fully benefit on a long term basis from your investment in Arena simulation software. Explore the overview of our courses and scrutinize which training suits your specific needs.

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During our training courses, you will understand the software in detail and understand how it serves your requirements.

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