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Systems Navigator is active in the manufacturing industry, delivering simulation based decision support solutions for the food, (petro)chemical, consumer packaged goods, metals & automotive industry.

Revealing system relationships

Manufacturing facilities are developed with the future in mind, and once in operation are faced with ongoing changes of market conditions. Understanding the relationships between CAPEX, OPEX, Operational Efficiency and Customer Service is essential for profitable development and operations of these facilities. Simulation technology is a key technology to reveal and explore these complex relationships, allowing detailed analysis of future potential scenarios in a virtual environment without disturbing the real world. Because of its capability to take all constraints into account in combination with process variability, discrete event simulation technology is capable to include all relevant processes in order to better understand a system. With so gained knowledge, new facilities can be designed while minimizing risk and minimizing TCO, and existing facilities can be operated while maximizing performance.

Manufacturing process simulation and optimization

Better decision making is within your reach

The design and implementation of new plants, plant extensions and warehouses have a critical impact on the bottomline – and your ability to stay competitive. Poorly planned implementations can have disastrous effects, resulting in frustrated customers, lost business, and sinking profits. Simulation technology helps protect your business by predicting the impact of new business ideas, rules, and strategies before implementation – offline, without causing disruptions in service. When the life of your business is at stake, simulation technology helps in selecting the most beneficial strategies, empowering you with the confidence to “go live,” while avoiding unnecessary expenditures, optimizing investments, and strengthening customer relationships

Manufacturing process simulation and optimization Manufacturing process simulation and optimization

Simulation technology is typically used for:

  • Design of greenfield production plants
  • Design of extensions to brownfield production plants
  • Optimization of site logistics
  • Detailed production planning/scheduling solutions
  • Quantification and verification of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing initiatives

Answering a wide range of what-if questions, is the most powerful way our end customers benefit from our simulation solutions, supporting their decision making process on strategic, tactical and operational issues.

Simulation modeling capabilities

Having a simulation model of your manufacturing processes allows you to conduct experiments with this model for the purpose of understanding the behavior of the system and/or evaluating various strategies for the operation of the system. Simulation technology helps you in understanding:

  • how various resources (machines, storage areas, tanks, handling equipment, forklifts, AGVs …) interact with each other and how they are affected by not manageable factors (Breakdowns, customer demand)
  • how all this affects overall performance.
  • how to increase quality and efficiency
  • how to eliminate bottlenecks
  • how to modify these resources (and in which sense) in order to allow the best possible operational standards to be achieved
  • how to improve resource utilization
  • future system performance.

Systems Navigator's simulation models can include items such as:

  • Historical demand including seasonality
  • Production plans
  • BOMs
  • IBCs or other in between process containers
  • Pack-type and product changeover matrices
  • Machine rates dependant on product type
  • Cleaning in process for equipment including the cleaning circuits and detailed rules of CIP
  • Equipment reliability for (un)machines, production trains, tanks, pumps, cranes, forklifts, agv’s, etc
  • Inventory management policies
  • Warehouse logistics

Manufacturing application areas

Systems Navigator develops simulation applications used in:


Systems Navigator performed many studies for Nestlé, Johnson Controls, BASF, Coopervision, Phillip Morris, Shell, Sandd and Tata Steel. A detailed list with references can be provided upon request.

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Manufacturing process simulation and optimization