University Education Program

University Education Program

Systems Navigator offers a unique Education Program for Universities that include simulation technology in their academic program. This program consists of simulation software, education materials, web deployment, development of workshops, teaching assistance and support. All participating academic institutions benefit from eachothers contributions and share development efforts for additional training materials as well as share the same e-Learning enabled environment for their students.

Please have a look at a sample of our course material! 

We can grant Arena teachers free access to evaluate the full materials as they currently are. The materials have been developed together with the TU Delft, and are currently used by 150 students each year. Since students have access to the material all year long, they use it first to train themselves for the Arena exam, later in the year they use the material as backup and reminder, when they are involved in doing a real case study. Based on the usage by students, the material serves a definite need.

The feedback we have received from participating professors has been very positive as well, as they no longer need to develop all the training material in house, but can (re) use what others have developed, and can add their own new materials (which then can also be used by others). All participating professors become teachers in the course, so they can monitor each individual students progress, and give assistance if and when needed.

If your university would like to offer simulation technology as part of their academic program, and they want to take advantage of materials already developed by leading universities in the field of simulation, we invite you to participate in this exciting program. For further information please contact us.


Participating Universities & professors:

TU Delft, the Netherlands ( A. Verbraeck, Dr. Mamadou Seck)
Sheffield Hallum University, UK (Prof. Terence Perera)
Coventry University, UK (Dr. Ammar Al-Bazi)
K.U. Leuven, Belgium (Prof. Inneke van Nieuwenhuyse)