Arena Training

Systems Navigator offers a variety of courses for using Arena software specifically for your application area. Underneath you will find an overview of these regular scheduled courses.

Introduction Arena
A three day introductory course to the Arena software. Recommended for new users to the software who want to get a quick start in using the package. Go to Training Schedule for training dates.

Day 1 -- Begins with an introduction to simulation and the Arena modeling methodology. Next you'll apply these fundamentals to a mini-project, so that by the end of a single day, you will have achieved your first successful application of simulation. Using Arena's integrated tools and one-step modeling environment, you'll build a graphically animated model, select appropriate random distributions from empirical data, and perform a statistical analysis of model results. Part 1 & Part 2 will be covered during day 1.
Day 2 -- The fundamentals presented on Day 1 are extended into areas such as modeling complex decision logic; using Arena's built-in material handling system constructs; and creating interactive, menu-driven models. Animation and analysis concepts are incorporated throughout the course to reinforce the importance of these aspects of successful use of simulation. Day 2 covers Part 3.
Day 3 – Techniques to use transportations in Arena are introduced. User specific models will be created during the last day of the course. Begin to map out your own modeling efforts with the expert advice of our consulting staff. Day 3 covers Part 4.

Arena Packaging
A two day training in using the Arena Packaging template modules. Recommended for first time users of Arena Packaging software.

Arena Contact Center
A two day training in using the Arena Contact Center template modules. Recommended for first time users of Arena Contact Center software.

Advanced Arena
A two day advanced course for experienced Arena users. Recommended for Arena users who have completed at least one project successfully. Go to Training Schedule for training dates.

Embedding Arena
A three day course for IT professionals and/or programmers. Important for those who want to tie their Arena projects with existing business systems.

Experimenting with Arena
A two day course for Arena users who want to work extensively with the Process Analyzer, Optquest for Arena, and/or the output analyzer.

Custom Training
Training can also be arranged on your location, for your employees only. In this case you can select course material from all of the modules on offer.

Training Enquiries:
If you have any questions regarding Arena training, available training materials, training contents, Programs, conditions for custom training etc., please contact us..